Applied Health, Equity and Development Research Network (AHEAD)


The Applied Health, Equity and Development Research Network (AHEAD) unites researchers in various research disciplines (economics, epidemiology, public health, sociology of health…) from both developed and developing countries on current topics relating to equity, health and development.

Ahead Meeting

The network seeks to identify, in a multidisciplinary way, the determinants of health, health inequality and wellbeing in developing countries with a particular focus on the Middle East and North African Region (MENA) and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It was created at the beginning of 2015 as part of the SANTEMED project (grant n° ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02) financed by the University Foundation Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence (A*MIDEX ).

AHEAD aims to facilitate scientific exchange between researchers and to help pool together existing knowledge on questions relating to health and development. It aims to specifically extend the analysis of health inequality and wellbeing in MENA and SSA countries. Questions relating to the measurement and evaluation of these inequalities are explored through several transversal research themes:

  • The measurement of health inequalities and wellbeing
    • The measurement of equity in access to health and financing
    • The impact of inequalities in wellbeing on human development
    • The evaluation of the feasibility of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in developing countries
    • The evaluation of intergenerational effects of universal healthcare coverage on wellbeing.



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